The result of the successive merger of Johnson Funeral Service, Williams Funeral Service, and the Funeral Car Service of Minneapolis, Johnson-Williams Funeral Sales has been in operation since 1979.

Affiliated with Carey International, Johnson-Williams Funeral Sales has over 125 employees, 25 hearses, 18 sedans, 11 limousines, 9 passenger vans, and 13 escort motorcycles. In and around the Minneapolis area, Johnson-Williams Funeral Sales makes approximately 1,000 funeral runs each month. In order to keep the vehicles in top running condition, Johnson-Williams Funeral Sales performs daily maintenance in-house. The cars are cleaned, the fluids are checked, and minor repairs are made in their 70-bay garage near downtown Minneapolis. Every 3,000 miles the vehicles are maintained professionally by local service shops.

When asked of the keys to their success, winner of the industry award, “1994 Limousine & Chauffeur: Operator of the Year,” founder Larry Dunn says, “We have a great staff of good, dedicated, hands-on people.